Arena events from 12.30 (all times are subject to change)



    12.30 Messy Jam

    13.00 Caledonian Pipe Band

    13.30 Dog and Duck

    14.00 Flair Dance

    14.15 Seiwakai Goju Karate

    14.45 Witney Tag Rugby

    15.15 Dog and Duck

    15.45 Witney Tag Rugby

    16.15 Kuk Sool Won



    Oxford Caledonian Pipes and Drums


    Witney Carnival Arena Events


    Marching music from a group of musicians who are dedicated to keeping traditional music alive. It is made up of friendly people of all ages and different backgrounds from Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties, all with a common interest.


    Messy Jam

    Messy Jam give a demonstration of various dance styles. They are a dance troupe from Oxford that specialises in various dances, including ‘Street, Commercial hip pop and Lockin and Popin’ all danced by young dancers with tremendous energy and style. 


    The Dog and Duck Show                        


    Stuart Barnes has travelled to over 100 countries working with wildlife, and his passion for the canine species has enabled him to gain an incredible understanding of everything about dogs. In countryside and corporate shows, Stuart and his team use trained and untrained sheep dogs to herd ducks, amusing and educating the audience about common dog behaviour issues and about how these can be resolved. 


    Seiwakai Goju Karate School

    Japanese Goju Ryu Karate is a natural rounded style that works in harmony with the body. Goju Ryu Karate is one of the four traditional styles to come from Okinawa.


    Witney Tag Rugby

    Tag rugby is a safe, fun and exciting variation of non-contact rugby. Players wear belts around their waist and two Velcro tags are attached to each hip.


    Kuk Sool Won

    Kuk Sool Won is a martial art founded by Hyuk Suh who has been studying martial arts for almost seventy years. It is a generalised martial arts system incorporating many different techniques from simple kicks to swords, throws to joint manipulation.